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Quality Foot Care

When you walk, every step you take generates a force equal to 3 times your body weight through your hip, knee, and ankle. Add an incline, and the pressure your feet are carrying becomes even greater. All this pressure must be dissipated by the human foot. Plus, each foot has to adapt to all types of terrain – and also be strong enough to propel you. What a machine! But sometimes things go wrong. Feet are susceptible to painful blisters, arch strain, arch pain, ingrown toenails, and other more serious foot problems.

Protecting your feet is fundamental to the well-being of your life. People can develop all kinds of foot problems throughout their lives. This is where the podiatrist comes into play. During a foot exam, your podiatrist evaluates your feet for acute or chronic conditions. These may include ulcerations or other skin maladies, diminished nerve sensitivity response, poor circulation, swelling, cold feet, biomechanical stress (which could provoke a host of repercussions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, hammertoes, pinched nerves, corns, calluses, and other problems), fungal or other types of infection, current or past athletic or other kinds of injuries, and even incorrect shoes. Ill-fitting shoes are just one concern that will prompt the podiatrist to focus on the root cause of the current situation and determine areas of weakness, strength, and/or pain in your feet.

There is a vast variety of plausible presentations that need to be deciphered by your podiatrist such that he or she can address and treat any problematic shortcomings; accordingly, it is vital for a person’s comprehensive wellness, especially should there be any consideration of possible underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or embarrassed circulation, to periodically see a podiatrist for quality foot care.
Ultimately, the foot is a very complex machine indeed!

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